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The Recruitment division offers solutions tailored to companies. Starting with support in the search for personnel, through the selection of applicants, right up to the company-specific induction of personnel.

The GfM Group offers companies support from needs analysis to personnel marketing, applicant selection and onboarding.

All channels and media are used to find the right specialist for the respective company, starting with concepts for a desirable external presentation so that attractive applicants become aware of the potential employer.

For an internal staffing, offers for the analysis of requirements and competencies, conception of suitable qualification plans and organization of the required trainings are developed.


Over 3,000 graduates leave the GfM Group’s educational institutions every year. Most of them are looking for a new job on the labor market.

This means that the GfM Group has a pool of specialists at its disposal whose knowledge and skills have been built up or analyzed in detail.

A comparison with the specific requirements of the company can usually be used to recommend suitable employees and trainees. In many cases, in-company internships can be arranged beforehand, which make it possible to convince oneself of the candidate’s suitability.

Employee leasing

Since 2015, the GfM Group has been active in the field of employee leasing. The hallmark of the work is a compact integration strategy that neither begins nor ends with the placement service.

The transfer of an employee is preceded by a company and job analysis. Precise matching ensures targeted job-related induction and pedagogical support.

The GfM Group’s core competence – professional qualification – is utilized by updating the employees’ knowledge in the periods between assignments in the hirer companies.


Classically, dual training is designed to impart a broad range of professional knowledge.

As a result, new employees, even if they are skilled workers, only meet the company-specific requirements after a longer training period.

The more complex and specific the tasks, the greater the disruption to operations, because training takes a lot of capacity away from the permanent staff.

Company-specific training programs developed by the GfM Group can help. They lead to higher efficiency in the familiarization process and a significant reduction in errors.