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For people & society

Professional preparation -

Accept diversity.

Accepting people in their diversity and supporting them according to their competencies and potentials is the leitmotif of various projects of the GfM Group.

The program areas Participation, Immigration and Social Services differ in terms of the target groups and tasks addressed.


People with health restrictions or disabilities require support services specifically geared to them in order to realize the goal of a self-determined life in society.

GfM Group projects are dedicated to this task in various ways.

  • In Saxony-Anhalt, two canteens have been operated for several years, in which people with and without disabilities work according to their performance level.
  • In specifically oriented coaching sessions, rehabilitants develop new perspectives for their lives and careers.
  • In cooperation with employers, teenagers and young adults are supported in the transition from school to a job.


Understanding immigration as an opportunity and actively working toward integration is a defining characteristic of the offerings in this program area. The benefits therefore go beyond the satisfaction of basic existential needs.

With counseling centers, through skills training and language support services, and already in the Group’s emergency and shared accommodations, work is being done consistently on rapprochement with mainstream society and labor market integration. At the GfM Group, people as well as foreigners interested in immigration, can acquire language certificates at different levels.

Social services.

Various projects of the GfM Group offer help in everyday life, support the development and expansion of competencies and provide livelihood-securing offers.

With soup kitchens, clothing stores, food distribution or projects for people threatened by loss of housing, employees of the GfM Group support people who are on the margins of society.

Coaching services, placement in alternative and/or subsidized forms of employment, and skills training open up alternative life and career goals that seemed unrealizable when the work began.

Projects for and with children and young people (healthy breakfast in elementary schools, homework help, motivation of truants,

support in obtaining a school-leaving certificate) complement the range of services.