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"Employer of the Future" award for the GfM Group.

The GfM Group was awarded the title “Employer of the Future”. The DIND (German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization), under the patron Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister of Economics, presented the GfM Group with the “Employer of the Future” award on September 06, 2023 in Cologne.

The award helps companies position themselves in the “War for Talents” in order to attract and retain talent despite a shortage of skilled workers. The award honors innovative companies with a clear digitization strategy that pursue sustainability goals and offer attractive working conditions. The focus is on modern leadership and employee friendliness. For example, flat hierarchies, flexible compensation models or employee benefits, as well as individual training and development opportunities, all flow into a holistic picture that is created using an evaluation matrix that was developed with the help of input from experts from business and academia. The awards are presented at various networking events.

PL und MF
Zypris PL und MF


Fair recruitment - Care Germany.

RAL quality mark for fair recruitment in the German care sector

This RAL quality mark is awarded to products and services that meet specified and high quality requirements. Our recruitment commitment and processes not only meet all legal requirements, but go far beyond the standards and minimum requirements.

This award fills us with pride and is confirmation of our commitment and actions.

Here you can learn more about the
Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Nurses from Abroad e.V. >



Hall of crafts in Zeitz

“Hall of Crafts” – Handicrafts at your fingertips

In the course of the federal support measure “Unternehmen Revier”, our goal is to motivate urgently needed trainees and skilled workers for the future and crafts. The “Hall of Crafts” project makes it possible:

  • Activate young people for occupations in the skilled trades as an alternative
  • craft enterprises and guilds as well as the
    Involve chamber of handicrafts, actively participate practically in the presentation of handicrafts.
  • To enable people with disabilities to access the hall and the professions
  • the regional structure of small and medium-sized enterprises in the recruitment of junior staff to

Thus, with this project, we can create a permanent platform for the skilled trades and businesses in other sectors of the economy and present alternative perspectives in a practical way.

The project “House of Crafts” for reading >
Press comment >

Service Chain "International Skilled Workers for Saxony-Anhalt".

The GfM Group brings international talent from many regions of the world to Germany for training or employment. What is behind it in detail, which tasks are taken over in the complex chain of action? Learn more about the topic and our partners.

A current example of the realization of our service chain “International Skilled Workers for Saxony-Anhalt” could be seen on August 28, 2023 in the MDR broadcast “Saxony-Anhalt Today”. For example, we were able to successfully place three Chinese young people with a medium-sized company where they can start an apprenticeship. See for yourself:


School without racism -
School with Courage.

Our Sky Nursing Academy in Sangerhausen is a Courage School.
Since 09 December 2022 we are part of the network School without Racism – “School with Courage”. We live integration. Racism and discrimination have no place in our society.

We practice culturally sensitive interaction in our daily work and life. Especially in the nursing professions, it is important to consider and respect the respective culture. A cultural exchange enriches all participants.


Demography Award of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

For our successful project “International Vocational Training Boarding School in Saxony-Anhalt”, GfM GmbH & Co. KG was awarded first place in the Demography Prize of the State of Saxony-Anhalt 2020 in the category Building: Promoting young talent & securing skilled workers. We are very pleased about this award and take this as a confirmation of the work. Successfully breaking new ground and thus offering prospects for people and companies.

Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Auszeichnung
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsgebäude-2
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsgebäude-Raum-1
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsschüler
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Urkunde
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsgebäude-1
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsgebäude-Raum-2
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Internatsschülerin
Demografie Preis Sachsen-Anhalt 2020-Auszeichnung


Saxony-Anhalt State Integration Award 2019.

In the category “Integration in Training and Work – Diversity in the Corporate World”, companies, educational institutions and associations are honored that are committed to the professional integration of immigrants and thereby understand diversity as part of their corporate culture. In this category, the 1st prize was awarded to GfM Geschäftsführungs- und Verwaltungs GmbH from Lutherstadt Wittenberg, which implements the project “Meine Chance – Berufsorientierung und Berufswegeplanung für neu zugewanderte junge Geflüchtete und Migrant*innen”. Together with cooperation partners, the project works with individual counseling and support to ensure that the transition to working life is successful.

The focus of the work was on socio-pedagogical support and the organization of skills assessments, practical days and in-company internships, as well as job-related language support and intensive job application coaching.