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Vocational education -

for career starters, career changers and skilled workers.

Through its vocational training division, the GfM Group offers a comprehensive range of services, from professional orientation for career starters and career changers to continuing education for skilled workers facing new professional challenges.


With offers at the transition from school to work, coaching, for people in reorientation phases or the mediation and accompaniment of company internships, people of all ages are supported in choosing the right career path for them.


With its practical facilities, e.g. in the vocational fields of metal/electrical, wood, paint, construction, hospitality, gardening and landscaping, and nursing, the GfM Group is the right partner to support entry into the vocational and labor market.

The services include both practical training in the company’s own workshops with its own specialist staff and support for in-company training to ensure the success of the training.


Every day, the profession presents employees with new adaptation and development challenges. In order to do justice to this in the long term, professional further training is often unavoidable.

The GfM Group’s education portfolio offers over 500 training and qualification modules.

Individual seminars are developed and made available for companies. This includes, for example, software training for companies, the self-employed and employees, or industry-specific training, e.g. in the call center or metal sector.


A successful company needs motivated and competent managers.

  • To shape the necessary change caused by the dynamics of the markets.
  • To form teams of employees who can meet the increasing pressure to perform and the changing demands.

In the practical seminars of the GfM Group, which are tailored to the needs of the company, the required skills are worked out and strengthened.