GfM Gruppe

For people & society


for the departure 2024.

We help and convince people.

Works welcomes all who do not have it so easy in life. For us, the focus is always on people. We see the most important goal of our work as offering them help, supporting them in overcoming problems and finding ways to solve their everyday worries, accompanying them in their personal development and planning for the future, and thus increasing the quality of life of these people.

We see ourselves as a social service provider, firmly anchored in the region, which derives its missions from the needs, wishes and emergencies of those seeking help of all ages and seeks solutions together with strong network partners from politics and business.

Our current projects:

  • Children and young people – Rabenschlau, Comeback, Kompetenzagentur
  • Debtors, homeless – MOBS
  • People with disabilities – Active inclusion
  • Long-term unemployed, addicts – Tafel, AGH
  • Elderly people- Saale counseling mobile 60+
  • Refugees – Finia, BIBO, Counseling Center South
  • Operation of the central canteen of the central police school of Saxony-Anhalt in Aschersleben
  • Operation of a garden and landscape maintenance in central Germany
  • Operation of a shared accommodation for refugees in Berlin

We succeed in finding employment, but stabilization on the way to it takes up most of our time.

We prepare optimally for jobs.

As part of the nationwide operating GfM Group, GfM is a full service provider for qualification projects and qualification processes. Since 1984, we have been providing expert employee qualification solutions that precisely fit the current requirements of locally based companies.

Our cross-sector range of services includes personnel development, personnel placement and personnel leasing. Our service portfolio covers more than 500 qualification modules. Our lecturers, trainers, coaches and consultants ensure sustainable knowledge transfer and optimal consulting. We are constantly developing the offerings of our training centers as well as our academies in order to always meet the current requirements of our customers.

As a certified carrier, the company has a cross-site quality assurance concept. This includes central document management, internal and external audits, and regular training and continuing education for our staff.

With our regional focus, we are always close to our customers and can provide you with competent support.

We are specialized in international recruitment.

The HR Arena offers a unique combination of HR service and induction. Internationally, we take the initiative in recruiting young talent and imparting expertise.

HR Arena is your expert for the acquisition of international workers – we take over the naturalization management and compile applicant pools for you. As a medium-sized company and practitioner, HR Arena works primarily for regional medium-sized companies. Specialist knowledge, industry knowledge and expertise are the hallmarks of HR Arena’s HR professionals, who work across the entire spectrum of HR management.

We are specialized for training in nursing.

One specific industry is geriatric care. This occupational field is regulated by the state. The qualification therefore takes place at a state-approved vocational school. The group company is called Sky Nursing Academy.

The part of the company is the school education and coordination of the theoretical and practical training contents as well as the further education in health professions with the main focus on the care of the elderly.